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#MediaMonday – Denise Naughton

 |  Sep 17, 2012

    Anyone who has done PR here in town over the past five years knows Denise Naughton. As the queen of producing for Sonoran Living on ABC15, not a day passes when she isn’t working with at least a dozen communications folks. And now, you can work with her in a totally new way […]


#MediaMonday – Terri O

 |  Aug 13, 2012

OMG! Terri O – MG, to be more precise. So happy to see the one and only Terri O starting her new gig on Sonoran Living this morning. As such, it was only fitting to ask her to be today’s #MediaMonday to celebrate! So, Terri O – what do you want to tell the blogosphere […]


Big Mouths, Unite!

 |  Aug 2, 2012

    Andy Cohen and I have two very major things in common – a passionate love for the evil magic tube known as the “television” and big mouths. And just like Cohen, my love for television has honestly helped me in my communications career, while my big mouth has gotten me into trouble. In […]


#MediaMonday – Michelle Jacoby

 |  June 4, 2012

Nerds, Unite! Today, we are pleased to profile one of our favorite fellow nerds, Michelle Jacoby! You may know her from her days at the Arizona Republic, Arizona Business Gazette or more recently from Process or MASK Magazine – but do you really know her? Find out today as she joins our 100+ #MediaMonday profilees! […]


#MediaMonday – Chrissy May

 |  May 21, 2012

Many people in Arizona and beyond have been asking about 202 Magazine, a leading glossy monthly in the Southeast Valley, and its new editor – Chrissy May! This month, we’ve had the great opportunity to spend some time with her as well as put together some articles for the magazine. What have we learned – […]


#MediaMonday – Eva Bowen

 |  May 14, 2012

Most of us know (and love) Eva Bowen from her many years at the helm of ABC 15’s Sonoran Living Live. Today, she has taken on a new role away from the cameras but still within the media as producer of Outreach Today, an internet-based radio talk show on VoiceAmerica. We welcome Eva here to […]


#MediaMonday – 99 Problems but the Media Ain’t One, Take Two

 |  Apr 23, 2012

Earlier this month, we noted that Arizona isn’t the only one celebrating a 100th birthday in 2012. Our #MediaMonday profiles happen to be turning 100, too. New to #MediaMonday? There is a full list of our past profiles here. Each week, we profile a member of the media by simply asking them one question – […]


#MediaMonday – Kevin Bertram

 |  Apr 16, 2012

Happy Monday fellow bloggers, Rachel Lilly here.  I received the privilege of interning for HMA Summer 2011, and I will be graduating from Northern Arizona University with a degree in Public Relations in just a few weeks! One aspect about NAU that I have come to love is their communication efforts on campus.  So I asked Kevin […]


#MediaMonday – 99 Problems but the Media Ain’t One

 |  Apr 2, 2012

Arizona isn’t the only one celebrating a 100th birthday in 2012. Our (in)famous #MediaMonday profiles happen to be turning 100, too. Yep, our weekly profiles of members of the media from across the globe have reached the 100-post mark – and we think it calls for a little online celebration. So in honor of #MediaMonday’s […]


#MediaMonday – State Press Edition

 |  Mar 26, 2012

Today’s #MediaMonday comes to us from the mind and keyboard of Katie Snyder, HMA intern extraordinaire. Some may know him as a classmate. Others know him as a mentor. I know him as Nathan Meacham fellow sports fan and editor-in-chief of The State Press, ASU’s student-staffed newspaper. So, Nathan, time to share! What do you […]


#MediaMonday – Kyndra de St. Aubin

 |  Mar 12, 2012

Ballet or basketball? Shopping or Suns? Makeup or Manning? I think it comes as NO surprise I choose the latter of all the options above. I just love sports. LOVE. LOVE. LOVE. You know what I also love – other women who love sports, and talking about sports, as much as me. So, it is […]

A Tip for Tuesday – Talk Ain’t Cheap!

A Tip for Tuesday – Talk Ain’t Cheap!

 |  Mar 6, 2012

Think about Tiger Woods. What images come to mind? Is it that red Nike shirt flapping in the wind as he won yet another golf tournament? All those commercials featuring his mug and high-end brands? Probably not. For me, when I think about Tiger, I think about silence – and then that contrite look on […]

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