Media Relations Agency

The media creates demand for your company, boosts your brand awareness and increases your credibility. All of this starts with strong media relations and an agency like HMA Public Relations.

You’ve got some great news to tell the world but don’t know how to make that happen. We are great storytellers; we just need the great story. The HMA team understands what makes a great story and where the right place is to tell it. Our media relations agency will work with you to determine key messages, strategies and goals. Our team will also train spokespeople in order to properly put your information in the hands of the people that need to know it.

HMA’s face-to-face media training sessions are designed to give brand spokespeople the tools and techniques to effectively manage any media relations situation and how to accurately and efficiently represent your brand. The three-hour workshop includes an overview of the media, what reporters are looking for in a source, and the development of the client’s key messages.  After a review of the messaging, we put the designated spokespeople on camera and practice what was discussed followed by a brief overview.

Whether you plan to share your story on broadcast, print or online, HMA offers training sessions designed to provide individuals with the confidence and expertise to communicate in any scenario.