How Do You Nail a Media Interview?

You’ve got an opportunity (thanks to a PR person, I hope!) to share your story or brand with the media. It’s not in a time of crisis, but a story meant to share who you are or what you do in a positive light. Think feature story, profile opportunity or event preview.

Okay, now what?

Here are some great tips from our Public Relations Global Network partner Aaron Blank of The Fearey Group in Seattle on how to nail the interview, and below we share a few of our own:

  • As part of your preparation, plan the top five key messages you want to get across in the interview.
  • Tape yourself talking. Even if the story is for print, radio or online, if the interview is in-person, tape yourself answering questions and watch it back so you can spot and address any nervous nonverbal communication ahead of time.
  • If the media outlet asks “is there anything else you’d like to share,” have something ready. We recommend sharing any of the key messages you might have missed above, your website and social media outlets or even the offer to follow-up with you later with any additional questions or thoughts.
  • Work with your team to find the best ways to paint a picture for the media outlet. Help them understand your vision, and don’t assume they will just know.
  • Don’t say “off the record.” Ever. Just don’t do it.
  • Say “thank you” to the media outlet. I am not talking offering payola or any kind, but a hand-written card or email go a long way.

And, of course, bring in your PR team to help you prepare as well as work with the media outlet on fact checking, images and more. It’s what we’re here for!

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at Apr 26, 2018

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