Is Effective Employee Communications Possible?

Of course it is!

But, it’s not as easy is sending an email or calling a meeting. Just because you say or type it does NOT mean they will come (or care).

Our Public Relations Global Network partner Andy See of Perspective Strategies recently shared some great tips on how to use employee communication to build an effective brand. We also have some thoughts to add to his great advice, including:

  • Always bring on people who are smarter – or at the least, different in some way – than you. Celebrate their smarts, differences, ideas and even dissenting opinions.
  • Don’t just talk the talk – walk the walk. Once you share your story and brand – live it. Help your team to see the big picture, little pictures in between and even let them into your world so they can paint a few of their own.
  • Never spring anything on the team. If you want them to be part of the team, introduce new ideas and programs versus bringing them up and insisting they fall in line out of nowhere.
  • Watch your nonverbal communication, and be mindful of theirs. Think of this as another way of listening to your team, as Perspective Strategies advises. Don’t just listen to what your team says – listen to how they say it, their mannerisms, et al. Similarly, watch yours. People can see anxiety, anger, exhaustion, dissolution written all over your face. Be mindful of what you are communicating when not talking or typing.
  • If planning “fun” as Perspective Strategies notes, make sure it really is “fun” for others, not just you. If they like beer and you like wine, don’t insist on a “fun” wine tasting, for example.
  • Show respect if you want to have theirs. Of them, of yourself, of others. They are watching you just as you are watching them.
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at May 10, 2018

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