What Is Wrong With Your Story Pitch?

PitchesGiving a little “link love” to our Public Relations Global Network partner Buchanan Public Relations today, sharing their recent PRGN blog post on “Five Reasons Your Media Pitches Are Getting No Response.”

We agree with all of them, and would love to add a few additional reasons of our own:

  • You don’t get to the point: we all love sharing every last detail about why our story is newsworthy, interesting and timely, but sometimes we go a little too far in our flowery explanations without getting the point. Be creative, but as concise as can.
  • You sent a news release: there is a difference between a release and a targeted story pitch. Learn the difference and pitch accordingly.
  • You spelled the reporter’s name wrong: this happens more often than you think! As a part-time freelance writer whose name is spelled “Alison,” I can attest that I roll my eyes when I get something addressed to “Allison.” Or, even worse, to “Mr. Bailin.”
  • You did too much too fast: when you blanket five different ideas for five different clients (or even the same client) to one member of the media in one day or week, sometimes it is just too much, and they end up deleting them all. Don’t overwhelm.


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at Apr 19, 2018

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