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Frederick, Maryland

School (University):
University of Maryland

How I define Public Relations:

There are so many different aspects to PR that it’s hard to give a simple definition. But one way I think of it is getting clients in contact with the people they need to talk to when they need to talk to them so they can get the coverage they deserve.

Hat you most identify with:

I identify most with the Sorting Hat. For one thing, I love the Harry Potter series. But also (I might be stretching a little bit here) because I love organization. The Sorting Hat sorts Hogwarts students into their houses, keeping a bit of order within the school; I need order and organization so I know what to prioritize, how much time to spend on something and to generally just keep track of everything. Finally, the Sorting Hat is there when you most need it (Chamber of Secrets, anyone?)—I’m there for friends when they’re in a time of need and I’ll be there for my clients when they need something.

My Story:

Since I started high school, I wanted to be a fashion journalist. I read all the fashion magazines, kept up to date on the latest trends, and dreamed about owning expensive handbags and sitting front row at a runway show—basically I dreamed I would become Anna Wintour. Thinking all this, it made my decision on what I should major in at college simple—journalism.

So I entered the Philip Merrill College of Journalism at the University of Maryland, naïve and honestly clueless about anything it took to write an article. But I passed my classes and moved through freshman year, sophomore year, junior year, and as I sat in my journalism classes, I realized I liked writing, but I didn’t want to be a journalist anymore.

Merrill had just begun adding more web classes: classes about coding, social media, web analytics, and more. And I found myself drawn to them more than my writing classes. I liked writing, but I liked writing more when I had other tasks I could bounce around to. I had held editorial internships at three publications, and all of them had been solely writing. I needed variety, so I interned at communications firm kglobal in DC to try out PR.

And that was it. I loved everything I worked on at kglobal. And now I’m at HMA loving everything I get to do and be a part of here.