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July 5, 2017
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July 7, 2017
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snap mapJust the other week, Snapchat launched its newest feature: Snap Map. This fun component shows you where all your Snapchat friends are using their Bitmoji. And since the app can tell you the speed you’re traveling at, it even knows when you’re driving or flying in an airplane, and it shows you! To be determined if it knows when you’re on a boat…

As interesting and fun as I think this feature could be, some users have expressed concern over the map, given you can see where people are, if they’re lying about where they say they are, etc. You can, however, go into “ghost mode” where your location is not shared or only shared with a select few who you choose.

This past weekend, Rachel and I were both visiting San Diego and thought it would be fun to turn it on. Throughout the weekend, we both checked the map on occasion and saw where each other were. Rachel even sent me a message at one point commenting on how close we were—only a couple of blocks away! And the next day, I saw that she was at the Padres baseball game on the map. It was just fun to see what the other was doing or exploring during the weekend.

I can definitely understand the concerns people have over constantly sharing your location, but if you only share it with your closest friends, I don’t see what the issue is. Have you used the Snap Map? What do you think of it?

Sara Goodwin
Sara Goodwin
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