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Greatness for the masses

I had the opportunity to see former Sports Illustrated associate editor and eight-time New York Times best-selling author Don Yaeger speak recently at an event hosted […]

Superstars and Community Relations

Community relations isn’t mandatory, but it should be. I was an invited guest to a recent breakfast hosted by Accelerent, a business development platform. Don Yaeger, […]

Beyond the Flames

I am honored and fortunate to be around heroes on a somewhat regular basis, both professionally and personally, whether it’s a business event, family gathering or […]

The Speed of Business

Hall of Fame race car driver Derek Daly was the speaker at a recent Accelerent breakfast. Daly’s career has been spectacular, to say the least.  The […]

No Strings Attached

As an invited guest to a recent Accelerent breakfast, I had the opportunity to hear speaker Kevin Brown, assistant vice president of marketing for SERVPRO, an […]

MAGNANIMITAS-Latin for “Greatness of Spirit”

I was an invited guest last week at an Accelerent networking event.  Scott has attended them in the past and always enjoyed the speakers so I […]

Close Your Complaint Department

Author Will Bowen, who’s written the best-seller A Complaint Free World as well as Happy This Year! is the world authority on complaining. He spoke at […]

Planning for Public Relations

Yesterday, Rachel attended a breakfast event that was hosted by Accelerent and featured Hyrum W. Smith, creator of the Franklin Day Planner. One thing that Smith said that really stuck out to Rachel was that everyone should take 10-15 minutes every day to formally plan their day. But is this possible for PR pros to do? [Click below for more]

Being Productive

After being inspired by a breakfast with Hyrum Smith, Franklin Day Planner creator, Scott pulled some of his favorite productivity quotes.

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Crossing the I-Beam

Abbie shares her thoughts on the three gaps that exist in our lives after seeing Hyrum Smith, 3Gaps training company CEO and chairman, speak on the topic.

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