Where Are You Using Hashtags?

When sharing your content on social media, hashtags can help spread your message and boost your brand awareness, as I previously covered here. But which platforms will provide the most success for your content and boost engagement?

While most platforms now recognize hashtags and allow you to search by using them, some prove to be better suited for hashtags and provide more opportunities for success.


Since 2007 when the first hashtag was brought to Twitter, it has dominated the network. Twitter’s trending page and a number of other platforms can tell you which hashtags are doing best on the network in relation to the world and your personal interests, making it easier to pinpoint which hashtags are best to use for your tweets.

When using hashtags on Twitter, it is important to follow the best practices to get results and gain engagement


According to Hubspot, 82 percent of marketers use hashtags as part of their Instagram strategy. While the platform is not centered around hashtags as much as Twitter is, it still provides opportunity.

Though you can do up to 30 hashtags on an Instagram post, it is best to stick with a few that truly capture the content you create and your business. As always, your hashtag should have a purpose and truly seek to connect with likeminded businesses or individuals who could become business leads.

Try it out by following some hashtags and including some in your next Instagram post. You can even try creating your own for a series.


In the past few years, LinkedIn has emphasized the importance of hashtags on the platform and highlighted how they can be used to connect you based on your interest or niche topic. This is done through the followed hashtag feature, which allows you to break down your LinkedIn timeline into each hashtag you follow to create a more personalized experience.

As with the other platforms mentioned, be sure not to overdo it and stay on topic for your post or business page

While other platforms may offer a great opportunity for utilizing the hashtag, these three platforms provide the best chances at success.

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at Feb 22, 2022

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