Do Hashtags Increase Brand Awareness?

Since their creation in 2007, hashtags have remained a useful tool that boasts many benefits for brand social media pages. Hashtags, like our very own #MediaMonday hashtag we use on our blog posts and across our social media channels, can customize your content and set it apart from other posts while also getting a message out there for the world to see. But, how does hashtag usage like this help build your brand awareness?

Popular hashtags offer a chance at increased reach of your posts, but creating and consistently using your own hashtags has a different set of benefits that are helpful in driving your message and enhancing your brand alignment. If you create consistent content as part of a series, coming up with a custom hashtag to use on your captions is a great way to establish your brand awareness and make sure all your content on this topic will end up in the same place. It can also inspire other users to create content just like yours.

Another example of our hashtag usage at HMA is through our #HMAMediaLove series. Each month, we compile our clients’ best media hits into one short video for social media. With this series, we make sure to include #HMAMediaLove on all our captions across each platform to be consistent in our content and messaging.

Whether you are enacting a full campaign or just posting a similar photo each month, a custom hashtag is the simplest way to start making your brand and content more recognizable.

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at Nov 12, 2021

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