What to Know About Gen Alpha

Defined as individuals born in or after 2010, Gen Alpha is different than the others and characterized by unique behaviors that are important to consider when building your brand and communicating for today’s world and the future.

Predicted to become the most tech savvy generation, Gen Alpha is taught how to be online from a young age either at home or at school with 84 percent of American students using technology in the classroom according to a study from Qustodio.

And while this generation isn’t the first to be exposed to technology, it is the first to grow up with access to this much information. For marketers, this means that digital access, especially mobile access, should be a key function of whatever you are doing online.

Another key takeaway is to explore beyond traditional forms of marketing. With Gen Alpha always changing, don’t be afraid to try new things such as expanding your presence to a trendy new social media platform, working with young influencers, prioritizing visuals or introducing gamified content.

Similar to Gen Z, Gen Alpha is likely to be interested in the social and sustainable aspect behind a brand as well as its willingness to communicate about issues in the world today. As this group develops and begins to display more marketing habits, this will be important to keep in mind.

Also, with 2.8 million Gen Alphas born globally each week and many of them having millennial parents, some nostalgia marketing isn’t a bad idea.

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at Aug 18, 2023

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