The Power of Incentives

Last week, I attended a virtual seminar from AMA Phoenix on how to gamify your content and introduce incentives to your consumers to help drive marketing. While on first read, you might think it has something to do with a video game or a board game, but gamifying your content means introducing game-like elements and incentives to your marketing to create an overall fun experience for your consumers. But how should you go about introducing incentives to your content?

Consider the Possibilities

When it comes to incentives, there is a wide array of different chances to offer to your followers, users etc. These could be referral bonuses for introducing friends, loyalty programs and sweepstakes to earn exclusive experiences or merchandise. Whatever you choose to pursue as your consumer incentives, make sure to have fun with it and make it enjoyable for all.

Be Authentic

Authenticity can often be overlooked, making it hard to appeal to consumers. It’s important to remember that while you can step outside of the box and do something fresh, you should remain true to your brand or company values and maintain your overall message across not just in your incentives, but all the content you create.

Refer to Examples

Nowadays, there are many companies that do incentives right either with new campaigns or ones that have lasted for years, follow their example to get started and add your own twist along the way.

Some of the most popular examples of incentive marketing from big brands include McDonald’s Monopoly, which offers both small and large-scale prizes for consumers. Another is T-Mobile Tuesdays, which allows T-Mobile users to have access to weekly deals from places they love.

Next time you scroll on social media or watch some TV, make note of the incentives you see and how they could also benefit your company when introduced to your marketing strategy.

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at Apr 12, 2022

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