Generational Marketing – Millennials vs. Gen Z

These days, we have seen debates all over social media between Millennials and Gen Z usually over topics like clothing and hairstyles, but when you look at the bigger picture, this generational divide may be deeper than it seems. I saw this when reading a blog post by our PRGN partner, Ghidotti Communications.

With these generations beginning to separate themselves and establish distinct habits and patterns, it allows for PR pros and marketers to tap into these audiences through generational marketing.

Marketing to a specific generation can have benefits and pitfalls – but how do you appeal to the similarities and differences of these two generations?

Both generations are in touch with social media and always have their smartphone within reach, but if you are looking to market to millennials specifically, Facebook and email marketing are the best ways to go. For Gen Z, focus on different social media platforms like TikTok and Snapchat to achieve results. However, if you are looking to get both generations engaged in your digital campaign, try Instagram! Both generations share a love for Instagram due to its effective visual storytelling and its wide array of features

While both generations find influencer marketing effective, the success for each audience comes down to who you choose. Millennials consider bigger names to be more influential and tend to have more trust in their opinions. These influencers millennials prefer are more likely to be celebrities rather than someone with a couple thousand followers on a social media network.

Earlier this year on the blog, I had covered Gen Z marketing habits and what they look for in an influencer.  For Gen Z, it is best to start small. Micro-influencers with between 1k-100k followers on social media are more likely to drive engagement and send a more authentic message that this generation prefers. Additionally, these influencers are also more budget-friendly than a macro-influencer.

If you are looking to change up your strategy and engage with a wide audience, try generational marketing.

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at Jun 30, 2021

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