What Should You Look for in a Public Relations Agency?

Come close…because I have a secret.

Is your face pressed against your laptop, phone or monitor?

Here it is: many public relations agencies are adept at the same things. From media relations and event planning to issues management and digital communications.

However, there are likely just a handful of public relations agencies that are the best match for your business, brand or organization. Abbie talked about this a bit on the Copper State of Mind podcast last week.

Here are some additional things to think about when vetting, researching and hiring a public relations agency:

  • What is their reputation as a business? Are they able to show proof of good standing? What are their ethics and values as a company?
  • What does the communications funnel look like with clients? Do they meet clients face to face? Virtually? Or email and text?
  • Who will be your client contacts? Do you have access to senior level strategists? Do you have a team or a solo public relations professional working on your account?
  • How do they demonstrate knowledge of your business? Have they worked with your industry before, and what was their success in the field?
  • Do you vibe with the members of the PR team? Honestly, chemistry matters.
  • What is their process? Do they have a roadmap for clients, and timeline of deliverables – and does it meet your expectations?
  • How do they cultivate relationships with the media? And how will that benefit your communications strategy?

There are no right or wrong answers. But how you answer will be critically important when seeking out the assistance of a PR agency to work with your organization.

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at Nov 30, 2021

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