What Are the Keys to Visual Marketing?

I previously discussed Gen Alpha, the generation defined as individuals born in or after 2010, and their love for visual content. As visuals are a critical element in most marketing strategies today for all generations, I am sharing must-haves to include in your next content and some tips to help you find success.

Mix It Up

Unless you are choosing to focus on one medium for your campaign, such as video, it’s a great idea to include a wide variety of visual content in your strategy. These include photos, video, memes, infographics, animations, quotes and more.

Stay Consistent

While it’s important to try new content ideas, it’s essential to stay true to your brand, create cohesive visuals and be consistent in what you share. Keep your brand colors and logo handy to incorporate into your work and supplement your brand aesthetic–or create a whole new look for your brand. Get creative! Also, if you are looking for inspiration, try this blog post!

Work Smarter

One blog post or podcast appearance could help you craft your visual content strategy without having to come up with an entirely new idea. Try creating an infographic based on an informative blog post from an employee, or sharing a video snippet from a recent media appearance to keep visuals present on your feed.

Test with Your Followers

Success doesn’t come instantly and growing a base of loyal followers that engage with your visual content requires a thoughtful strategy and content that keeps them coming back. Employ a wide variety of content in your visual marketing to gauge what your followers like.

Add A Call to Action

Whether it is a video or a graphic, don’t forget to drive your followers to a specific goal by using a call to action. These include join us, sign up now, get your tickets, read more, donate today and much more.

Businesses of all sizes can engage in visual content. Find out how we can help, contact us!

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at Aug 22, 2023

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