How Can You Find Inspiration in Public Relations?

With so much of the public relations sphere being creative, professionals in the industry may find themselves looking for that spark of inspiration. Depending on the day, this spark could help you craft a personalized pitch that secures a story for your client, generate engaging content ideas for social media, develop a fresh idea for a client campaign and more.

However, inspiration is not always there and sometimes you might need to go out and search for it. As author Jack London said, “You can’t wait for inspiration. You have to go after it with a club.” Here are some ways you can find inspiration today, no club required.

Ask a Friend

Collaborating with others for a brainstorming session is the perfect way to get inspired. Don’t be afraid to ask a colleague if they have some time on their calendar to meet with you to exchange ideas.

From podcasts and newsletters to in-person networking events, there is also an abundance of resources to explore that can influence your work.

Scroll on Social

When looking for inspiration, a quick scroll on social media could help fuel a new idea. Whether you are revisiting the profile of a creator whose work you enjoy or just looking to see what users online are discussing now, this could give you the idea you’re looking for.

Additionally, social media can help identify trending topics that could lead to a potential opportunity for your business or a client.

Success Stories

Another great way to find inspiration within the public relations community is through case studies. With many agencies publishing online stories about previous successes, these have become a helpful way for me to see how communications strategies create results and how these strategies can be adapted across different industries.

Take a Break

Sometimes a break is the best way to find the inspiration you need. Once you have relaxed and recharged, approaching your task with a fresh mindset can help generate ideas.

If you are facing burnout in public relations and looking for ways to combat it, check out this recent blog post from Alison.

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at Jul 12, 2023

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