Underrated Social Media Platforms for Your Business

Recently on the blog, I discussed what to consider if you are contemplating joining the next big social platform. While a lot of these social media sites don’t stick around for long, there are many that have stood strong and continue to provide opportunities for engagement. Consider these underrated social media platforms if you are looking to expand your brand presence, gain audiences or just learn something new.

  1. Pinterest

Though Pinterest may not be known as the powerhouse social media it once was, this platform appeals to audiences as a place for inspiration and still boasts 454 million monthly users worldwide. Pinterest is more than just wedding ideas and recipes; the platform has established itself as a great place for brands who rely on e-commerce. Another advantage of Pinterest is that all your posts can link back to your website which can lead to more engagement.

  1. Reddit

Dubbed the “front page of the internet,” Reddit is the best place to spot trends before they explode. While Reddit may not be the best place for you to post all your regular content that goes on your Facebook and Twitter, it is the perfect platform to gain audience insight and generate leads for your next project.

  1. Quora

Quora is a site where users ask and answer questions. Chances are, if you look up an obscure question you have about any given topic, a post from Quora is sure to be one of the first search results. When it comes to your brand, if you want to become a known leader in your industry, Quora is a good place to go to offer your expertise and help others. Quora also offers a Quora for Business platform that helps you interact with specific audiences and get your name out there.

With social media trends changing constantly, consider adding these platforms to your strategy to break out into new venues and gain important insight into what matters most for your business.

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at Oct 12, 2021

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