Should You Join the Next Big Social Platform?

With new social media platforms rolling out frequently, this can come with fresh opportunities to build brand awareness, create custom content and more – but should you really join the next trendy platform?

An example of a social platform rising quickly and losing its traction is the Clubhouse app, an audio-only app centered around communication that rose to popularity in the past year. While the app caught the attention of millions, the introduction of features like Twitter Spaces has seemed to replace Clubhouse and become a more popular and accessible way to join audio rooms for discussion. While Clubhouse is still around and certainly used by many, it is hard to hold up when competing with a social media giant like Twitter.

At the end of the day, the answer to the question of joining a new social platform lies in one element of your organization – the goals. Do you aim to be a frontrunner with an emphasis on your digital presence? Then create an account! However, if you seek to align with specific audiences or would rather focus on the most relevant social media sites like Facebook and Twitter that are sure to stick around, it might be best to remain focused on the platforms that are projected to last longer than the current trends.

Additionally, for many businesses their website has become a one stop shop for features like their blog and podcast, it does not always make sense for businesses like this to join a platform that can harm their website traffic and SEO success.

So, when the next big social media platform comes out – will you join?

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at Sep 16, 2021

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