Pt. 3: Do Marketing Strategies Look Different for Fashion and Beauty?

For the last part in this series on marketing strategies for different industries, I am focusing on the fashion and beauty industry. Having spent the last couple of years in Los Angeles learning the ins and outs of the fashion world, I am very passionate about this topic. Fashion has the capability to blend many different types of art together.

Since the fashion and beauty industry is such a creative industry, it is natural that the marketing efforts be a bit more creative as well.  Using different color themes to invoke certain emotions can be a successful tactic for elevating your brand. This makes social media extremely important, as different themes, aesthetics and creative twists all play a huge role on how effective your marketing is.

  1. Instagram

As a platform that relies heavily on visual elements, Instagram can be an important platform for your brand marketing endeavors. Instagram offers versatility in how you present your products and overall brand because of the different ways you can present images on your feed. You can post portions of an image that all come together to form one large image on your feed–almost like a puzzle piece. If you have a fall collection launching, let’s say, you can post abiding to a certain theme and change that theme when your winter collection drops. If your brand is based around one singular aesthetic (take Aritiza as an example, a women’s fashion retailer that typically uses a monotone and neutral color scheme), your feed can encompass that.

  1. Engage with your audience

Brand loyalty begins with engagement. An enhanced sense of community is what helps drive sales. Finding your niche and accepting feedback from them only makes your brand stronger. This can be through social media, media relations, or in-person and virtual events. On social media, influencers and brands can respond and interact with their audience personally. Media relations offers the opportunity for the audience to actively respond to the news and form their own opinions based on a credible source. In-person and virtual events are a fun way to meet and talk with your audience in an intimate setting.

  1. Attach an influencer to your brand

A bit different from having multiple influencer collaborations, attaching one celebrity or notable figure to your fashion or beauty brand builds loyalty through their already established audience. Attaching a popular face to your brand not only drives sales and builds trust, but also combines two “unrelated” audiences, which increases your overall brand exposure. Attaching one influencer to your brand is typically a long-lasting collaboration, where both parties build together and support one another through their joined audiences.

Take Kylie Cosmetics, the cosmetics company founded by Kylie Jenner, for example. Although Kylie is the face of the brand, the above marketing strategies still hold true. Using pink as the overarching color scheme for her brand (which is said to represent friendship, affection and inner peace in the marketing world), the Kylie Cosmetics Instagram page is very aesthetically pleasing to the eyes and brings forth a sense of femininity. Moreover, Kylie is known for being extremely engaged with her fans and audience when it comes to her line, which creates a sense of friendship and thus strengthens her brand.

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at May 2, 2023

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