The Power of Influencer Marketing

I recently attended a virtual workshop from the Arizona Innovation Marketing Association on the power of influencer marketing. In the presentation from Sarah Angelette of Influential, a technology platform that connects brands with influencers, I was able to learn more about the growing importance of this form of marketing and discover the ways that these collaborations can provide an ROI for brands and businesses.

Influencer marketing can cover a lot of ground and meet the marketing needs or goals for your business. Whether you seek to lift your brand with more awareness, change perception in times of a crisis, increase engagement on your social media posts or even get more foot traffic in your physical stores, influencer marketing can aid your efforts.

Another key element to influencer marketing is how it can interact with your other marketing efforts. If you are putting your money into television advertisements, influencer marketing can supplement this or replace it all together.

TV spending may be best for your brand and reach the audiences you wish to reach, but it’s possible you aren’t getting the results you want due to the lack of targeting in TV and the fact that ads can be skipped or ignored. In addition, getting your message across on TV can be quite costly. Do some research and experiment with content creators to see if it is right for your business and the message you want to spread.

The most important lesson I took from this webinar was the importance of quality over quantity and strategy over volume. A smaller group of reliable and talented content creators can elevate your performance in greater ways than you may think and the close relationships they have with their audience will be key to your success.

Influencer marketing has its time and place. With the right strategy and thorough research, it can help your business overcome hurdles in sales, sentiment, traffic and more.

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at Sep 16, 2022

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