Is Your Authenticity Showing?

Last week, I watched the Monday Night Football with Peyton and Eli telecast of the Seattle Seahawks/Denver Broncos game on ESPN2. During the broadcast, the Manning brothers invited comedian and actor Joel McHale to join them on the show. McHale grew up in Washington and attended University of Washington, where he was on the rowing team and played football. The man lives for the Seahawks, and it showed. Oh, it showed.

He joined the broadcast via satellite in head-to-toe Seahawks gear, scarf and all. He came prepared with jokes about how the Seahawks beat the Peyton-led Broncos by more than 30 points in the 2014 Super Bowl. He even came prepared to debate himself about Russell Wilson – the long-time superstar Seahawk quarterback – and the fact that he is now the Broncos’ quarterback.

McHale was so real and authentic in his fandom; it humanized him in a way not often seen today.

I get the same feeling for Jennifer Lawrence whenever she talks about reality television during talk show appearances to promote her various projects. A Bravo superfan and self-proclaimed expert on all things Real Housewives, there is no way to script her exuberance and quick wit whenever she gets the chance to share her feelings on this topic.

I write all of this for a reason.

PR folks, me included, are often asked to help rainmakers at businesses and brands determine which “after-work activities” they should invest their money and time into, especially as it relates to community and charitable boards to join.

My advice to them is this: go full Joel McHale or Jennifer Lawrence.

In other words, think about your passion and work with us to connect the passion to a project. You will automatically care more, be more invested and ultimately both give and get more out of the role. When you care, it shows.

HMA can help you show that you care. Connect with us here to help launch, re-imagine or bolster your community relations efforts.

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at Sep 20, 2022

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