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After updating two of our own internal websites, I’ve learned a lot about search engine optimization and want to share the things that I have found helpful in improving SEO.

Without realizing it, there may be few things you are doing that actually put a damper on your SEO ranking such as copy and pasting content from the website directly to social media.  If you want to learn more about the common mistakes businesses make with SEO, visit our blog post here.

Learning how to actively improve your SEO is something we’ve covered before. To this, I would add a few more recommendations:

Keywords: If posting new content consistently, consider using the same set of 10-20 keywords as much as possible. This helps boost the searchability of your website, making it easier for people to find you.

Links: Linking back to other pages on your website helps the traffic stay on your page. Promoting internal links demonstrates your authority on the subject. So not only does this create a loyal web user, it also increase your SEO ranks. The longer a user stays on your website navigating through different links, the more value you demonstrate to your website users.

Speed: Improving the speed at which your site runs has a positive impact on your SEO rankings. Most people will exit your site if the content doesn’t load quickly. Speeding up your website by a few seconds can have a real impact. Try deleting old content or updating your web host.

User intent: Similar to using keywords, user intent takes into account what a user is searching on Google. To find relevant results, Google filters through how much of your website content matches with what is being searched on the browser. This means that when writing content for your website, Google users become part of your target audience. Consider how someone will search for a topic on Google and include that in your copy.

By being more conscientious about the content you repurpose and the keywords and links you upload to your website, you will be able to improve your brand reputation and visibility.


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at Oct 1, 2021

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