Does Your Newsletter Have These Elements?

I subscribe to various newsletters. Everything from updates from some of my favorite retailers on the latest fashion trends to PR industry news with tips, tricks and how-to’s. My favorite newsletter comes every Monday from Mark Manson and it never fails to lead me to his website when I click “read more.” And more often than not, I’ll want to read another article or blog post because I am already on the site.

And I’m not alone.  As Justin shared recently there is a definite revival of newsletters.

Good content keeps your readers engaged and looking forward to upcoming issues. Whether you are looking to refresh your newsletter or are starting new, here are a few things you may want to consider sharing in your newsletters:

  1. Repurpose Content

When developing content for your newsletter, see what information you have that might have been shared in another platform.  Can you repurpose in your newsletter, maybe reaching a new audience?

  1. FAQs and How-To’s

What are some frequently asked questions that you receive at your business?  Answering these questions makes for good content.  And the next time some emails or inquires, you’ll have a ready-made response (and maybe even a new newsletter subscriber).

  1. Share a success story

Sharing a success story of one of your consumers can help your potential consumers feel inspired and better able to relate to your company. Bonus points if you can make it into a video.

  1. Switch up your call to action

While you can check your email open rates, another great way to see how consumers are receiving your newsletters is give them something to click on and do. This can be through a poll, asking for votes on an award or asking your subscribers to consider leaving you a review.  Having your readers engage with your content is a great way to gather more data about your consumers.

Adding new elements to your newsletter is a great way to keep your subscribers, new and old, interested in your content.


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at Oct 14, 2021

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