The Revival of the Newsletter

Here at HMA, we read various newsletters every day to stay on top of the latest news for a variety of industries. After reading a recent PRGN blog post from one of our partners, Sound Public Relations, I learned that newsletters are seeing a rise in popularity among business people. I wonder what is responsible for the rise of newsletters and why has the perception around them changed?

Newsletters are the perfect way for consumers to get specific, up-to-date news condensed all into one single email and according to Lifewire, this is why they have had such a resurgence. With a clear, concise message and a direct connection to consumers, people seek newsletters to focus on one topic rather than getting overloaded by information through other formats.

While social media is still an incredibly effective way to reach your audience, your newsletter can cultivate a more loyal audience. Think of social media as the first step for generating readers of your newsletter.  But even with a big email list of subscribers, when it comes down to it your content must stay fresh and engaging to readers. This means an intriguing subject line, interesting headlines and content that can educate, entertain or inform your readers.

A great newsletter combined with an established email marketing strategy (you can read more about that here) have the power to build your brand awareness, accomplish goals and establish yourself as a thought leader in your respective industry. Discover the potential of newsletters today!


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at Aug 13, 2021

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