Do Visuals Really Matter?

We get this question quite often, especially in this world of cell phone photos and screen shots.

The short answer: photos are still worth a thousand words. And quality photos paired with the strategic messaging is priceless.

Case in point: I was having a staycation this past weekend with no plan to watch a second of television. But, the TV in the room had the U.S. Olympic swimming trials playing when we checked in, and the visuals kept me glued to the screen, despite my reserved pool cabana beckoning just outside the hotel room patio.

You see, for the first time ever, the event was staged on an NFL football field (Lucas Oil Stadium), making it an international scene with hundreds of thousands in attendance. As the cameras deftly panned across the pools, the shapes, sounds, and colors came to life: it felt and looked grander than the Olympics themselves!

On perfect cue, as the cameras panned back and forth, the announcers bantered about, giving fun facts about the space (once the events are over, the water will be dechlorinated and used in a local river so no waste, for example, in a showing of sustainability. And there are 2 million gallons of water in the pools!) while hyping the day’s swimmers.

Before I knew it, two hours blew by and I was not only geeked up about the Olympics, but I had a plethora of information about business partners working together on a common goal, sustainable practices of the Olympics, and even how I can follow the pool structures to other events (they are move-able!).

Good visuals + key messaging + media training = results.

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at Jun 20, 2024

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