What is Media Training?

From time to time, our team likes to delve into one “tool” in a PR person’s toolbox – a tactic we use to help us do our jobs effectively and exceed client expectations on a regular basis.
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Today, we explore media training.

We strongly encourage all clients participating in a proactive media relations and content marketing campaign participate in a media training program with our team (Abbie is a master teacher, by the way, if anyone is looking to book one).  These face-to-face sessions are designed to give brand spokespeople the tools and techniques to effectively manage any media relations situation and how to accurately and efficiently represent your brand in the online space.

Generally, they include review of brand key messages, coaching on “bridging” conversations and actual practice in front of a camera, over the phone and even during real-time (practice) issues management situations.

We offer both half- and full-day sessions, as well as executive trainings. If ever in need, we’re happy to help.

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at Jun 13, 2019

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