Which Way Should I Take Photos for Marketing Use?

In a prior post, we did a deep dive on the importance of high-resolution images when engaging in any type of marketing communications effort, especially if you are working in media relations and digital communications.

Now we want to take it a step further because it is that important.

There are four ways you should take or have your professional photographer capture every single image for a campaign.

  • First, take a horizontal photo with the professional camera.
  • Second, take a vertical photo with the professional camera.
  • Third, take a portrait-mode photo on a cell phone.
  • Finally, take a behind-the-scenes photo on a cell phone of the professional session.

Here is why:

Most traditional media need a combination of vertical and horizontal images for their layouts. By giving both options, you are making it turnkey to use the preferred images by the organization or client.

Many online media outlets have the need for horizontal imagery for the website, but then vertical options for social media promotion. If you provide both, you increase the chances that the media will share the story on social channels in addition to on the web.

Then on social media, due to constraints of Instagram in particular, you will want to have both vertical shots and those in portrait mode. Having the portrait mode from a cell phone can be particularly helpful if you have the need for any filters or editing before posting. While the above makes the media’s life easier, this will make your life easier as the communications lead.

Finally, those behind-the-scenes images are great both for you/your team and the brand. Those images can be used to tease a project or upcoming media placement. They may also be used to showcase your work with the client, spreading the love online and building a deeper connection.

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at Aug 23, 2022

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