Are You Redesigning Your Website?

With a new year approaching, many businesses will be looking to rebrand, a topic I have previously discussed on our blog. Part of rebranding for many businesses means a fresh website that shows the best of your business. If you are redesigning your website, whether on your own or with some help, here are some design tips to keep in mind.

Optimize for Mobile

Rather than focusing solely on how your website appears on a desktop, it is important to consider mobile users during your redesign. When it comes to creating your mobile-friendly site, it can mean a lot more than just a size adjustment of your photos.

Redesigning for mobile means streamlining the website experience by adding links to other apps for your address and phone number, doing away with long drop-down menus and prioritizing scrolling over clicking.

Stay Minimal

Many high-resolution images and graphics can bring down your website speed and leave visitors feeling impatient. A minimal website design is a key element that can have a big impact.

Add a Search Feature

Regardless if visitors are accessing your site via desktop or mobile phone, everyone likes to find what they are looking for. Providing a search feature on your site will allow users to reach your content faster and create a better user experience.

Copy is Important

Copy is an essential part of your website that should guide website visitors and create customers. Your copy should be written with your target audiences in mind, and it should encourage website users to do something whether it be to read more, share on social, contact your business, purchase a product or more. Additionally, your copy font should be easy to read but not too big.

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at Dec 1, 2021

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