PR Tips for a Rebrand

Companies can choose to rebrand for many different reasons whether they have undergone a change in leadership, suffered a crisis or just want to modernize their image. This could mean changing the company logo, name, audience and mission. Most recently, lingerie brand Victoria’s Secret underwent a complete rebrand – introducing a new executive team, a fresh group of celebrity brand ambassadors and programs geared toward supporting causes and initiatives for women.

What elements should you focus on if you are looking to rebrand successfully?

Focus on Messaging

Brand messaging is key and will lay the overall groundwork for your company rebrand. What you establish as your messaging will be a focal point of the communication of your rebrand and will likely be a mainstay for the future of your brand. When it is conveyed to the world, this messaging will be the driving force of influence for your customers.

Establish and Research Your Audience

Companies can sometimes choose to rebrand to find new target audiences and tap into different groups. Prior to announcing your rebrand to the world, you must first decide who you want your message to reach and how you will tailor your brand to them. Audiences like millennials and generation z distinguish themselves with different buying habits – as I covered previously on the blog. If you choose to appeal to any specific audience, researching the marketing patterns for them will help you find success.

Stay Consistent

If you want your rebrand to stick with audiences, consistency is key. This means prioritizing brand awareness and making yourself recognizable across all channels. It is important to post regularly on social media, write blogs for long form updates and try to stay seen by the media. Additionally, you should strive to keep your brand voice similar on all channels to ensure cohesiveness.

Don’t Expect Perfection

It is important to understand that your vision will not be understood by everyone and that many will be reluctant to change. While you may face some pitfalls on your rebranding journey, it is important to stick with it and prove to audiences that this change was for the best. While some may not agree with change, it is imperative to accept feedback and regularly invite your audiences to join the conversation, you will be glad you did.

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at Jul 22, 2021

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