YouTube as a PR Tool

Whether your brand or business is big or small, its YouTube channel can be utilized as a promotion tool for what you do. While many of us browse YouTube daily (2 billion active users every month and over 30 million daily users) many have never uploaded to YouTube before or know what the best practices are for video content. There are several ways to maximize YouTube for your business and bring your work to life in video form.

As covered previously on our blog, a content series is a great addition to your digital content strategy and can captivate viewers while telling a visual story. Depending on your business or industry, there are many possibilities to explore for a YouTube video series.

These include:

  • Interviews with business executive for industry insight.
  • Tutorials on services you provide or on relevant industry software/websites.
  • In-person or virtual event recaps.
  • Live Q&A sessions.

If you are a PR agency like us, your YouTube channel can appeal to new clients and become a visual portfolio for your work.

Once you have your idea in mind and plan to upload, there a few elements to consider that can yield better results. Try incorporating engaging titles with relevant keywords, video captions, high-quality visuals, background music, text and more. And don’t overlook clarity or concision, the goal of your video should be established early on to keep a viewer watching and interested.

Above all, the most important part of your video content is creativity. Always include part of your unique key messaging and your own personal touch in everything you create.

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at Aug 19, 2022

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