Do You Have A Content Series?

Sometimes an engaging topic requires more than just one singular post on your social media and sometimes you are looking to drive your business and help others learn more about it. This can give way to the creation of a content series for your brand or business. Just like a TV series, your content series is consistent and tells a story while gathering audience engagement and keeping them coming back regularly to watch.

At HMA, we have a few different series across our blog and social media. This includes our #MediaMonday feature on the blog, which introduces a member of the media each week and lets them tell their story. Another example is our monthly #HMAMediaLove series, where we share some standout media coverage our clients received for all their great work.

And when creating a content series, it doesn’t have to be complex. Simply knowing your audience and the content that interests them can go a long way for your brand or business. Some ideas for a consistent series include highlighting an individual in your workplace or community each week or month, sharing fun facts about your business or even playing on trending hashtags like #WednesdayWisdom and #ThrowbackThursday to offer insight or share a milestone. Adding your business’s personal flair to a common trending hashtag can make it your own and drive engagement too.

A series is a great addition to any digital content strategy, so consider introducing a new one to your website or feed today.

Looking for ideas? Let us know!

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at Apr 26, 2022

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