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June 19, 2018
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working momI am a working mom.

I have done half a days work by 8 a.m. My kids are up, dressed, fed and dropped off.  I make my way into the office and my mind is haunted by the sounds of my crying toddler. She didn’t want to go to school again. I turn up the radio and look down. There’s a lovely bit of spit-up on my brand new dress.

What am I doing? [insert mom guilt here]

But then I arrive. The coffee is brewing, the phones are ringing and the keyboards are clacking. I sit down to a stack of emails and begin my itinerary of the day. Suddenly I remember why I am here and the guilt is replaced with pride.

Working doesn’t make me less of a mom. And being a mom doesn’t make me less of an employee.

So why do we feel like we have to choose?  It’s perfectly okay to have both a motivated, intellectual, creative, business-self and a loving, nurturing, caring mom-self. And maybe it helps to have a little of both.

Why? Because when the slightest thing goes wrong at the workplace, I assure you I will be the last to overreact. That’s because I have already conquered 14 meltdowns this morning.  And when it comes to the art of storytelling… well you should hear some of my “night night stories.”  Organization? Come take a look at her playroom.  Being honest, punctual and professional? I have to be... I am a role model.  Possessing these qualities is non-negotiable.

So, let’s cut ourselves some slack here and put this “mom guilt” thing to rest.

I choose to be proud instead.

Proud that I get to walk into HMA Public Relations and do what I love doing. Proud that I am expanding my career and utilizing my skills. Proud of what I am accomplishing-- knowing I have so much to look forward to as the newest account executive.

And when the day is done and I open the door, I am greeted with a running hug and a huge smile. I hold my girls and we talk all about the day. I joyfully listen to the fun they had and I share my success from work as well. Then I take a step back and there it is. The realization I can do both. And I can be good at both too. [insert “working mom” pride here]

Kelsey Makings
Kelsey Makings
A former HMA Public Relations employee.

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