Why Maintaining Good Body Language Is Important In Business

We see and hear it in so many walks of life: “Maintain your body language.”

Throwing Strikes

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard a coach yell from the dugout at his pitcher after a borderline pitch is called a ball: “Body Language!”  The coach realizes that a defeated look by the pitcher on the mound is an automatic advantage for the hitter.  In sports, how one carries him or herself says something.  It makes a statement.

Team Leaders

We also see it regularly with quarterbacks in their huddle.  They are the team leaders.  They often set the tone for how their team plays.  How they stand tall, hold their head up and how they appear to take command of their offensive team impact each of their teammates – and their opponents.

In The Board Room

It’s applicable in business, too.  We cover this in our media training sessions.  Having good body language when talking to the media, making a presentation or meeting in a more informal business environment is also vitally important.  A firm handshake, looking directly at the reporter, sitting or standing tall, what you do with your arms and hands – they all contribute to how you are perceived by others in the room, especially if you are on camera.  We even provide tips on what to wear for an interview.  In a competitive situation, such as a new business pitch or a job interview, it can be the difference as to whether or not you win the business or get the job.

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at Apr 23, 2021

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