Why Do Brands Need Internal Communications?

The sports world was rocked this week when the PGA and LIV Golf announced they would merge, especially given the bitterness and on-going oft-nasty litigation between the two entities over the past year. For example, this.

The announcement came as a surprise to more than just golf enthusiasts who have been following the litigation with bated breath. Unfortunately, the brands neither clued in their biggest stars, key media partners, nor employees.

Obviously, there are a number of critical marketing communications strategies that were completely ignored here. I was, however, especially surprised that there seemed to be no internal communications plan at LIV or the PGA to arm its employees or partners in advance of what would clearly be a barrage of questions by media as well as the general public to them within 10 seconds of the surprise announcement.

When working with clients on important, seismic announcements, we always recommend change communication as part of the strategy as well as internal communications factors to consider if the announcement may result in an issue or crisis.

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at Jun 9, 2023

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