What is Change Communication?

Internal synergy is important and communicating change with your team, stakeholders and more can be difficult. Change communication should be prioritized by your team in the event that you have important information to share and next steps to map out.

Whether choosing to communicate via email, team meetings or one-on-ones, if your brand is facing any kind of transformation that impacts your team, stakeholders and more, change communication is the way in which you share the vital information.

A change communications plan will help you inform what is changing, how it is impacting the workplace and allow a chance for feedback and questions. This plan should be made up of key brand messaging, communications tactics for the announcement, and potentially other tools like a content calendar depending on the announcement you plan to share.

These changes could be new leadership, business practices, technology, or even promote a major milestone, a topic we have covered in recent blog posts here and here.

Not only does internal communications help keep everyone informed, this keeps your team focused and engaged. Positive internal communications also creates a safe place for your team to be free to review their work, discuss timely topics and provide valuable feedback. Even if you don’t have any change to communicate, cultivating a positive environment for your team to chat is essential.

Need assistance communicating with your team internally? Contact us! And for more information on the impact of communications on your team, stakeholders and investors, check out blog posts like this one from our fellow partner in the Public Relations Global Network.


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at Apr 6, 2023

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