What to Expect on Social Media in 2023

Social media is always changing and 2022 proved that the future of your favorite platform is uncertain. While it’s hard to predict what will come next, here are a few of my thoughts on what I think we are sure to see in the year ahead on social media.

More Videos

Across all social media platforms, short-form video content has continued to keep the attention of users and showed consistent engagement. Whether it be TikTok videos, Instagram Reels or the advanced video tools that LinkedIn plans to roll out to enhance its live stream and live meeting options, there will be no shortage of video on social in 2023.

In addition to short-form video content, it is likely we will see more social media platforms roll out live video options that will allow users to communicate with both friends and strangers from around the world.

Live Shopping

With Instagram continuing to experiment with new shopping features, it wouldn’t be a shock to see the platform begin introducing a live shopping video option that makes it easier for users to buy on their phone directly from the app. Think HSN or QVC, but on your phone.

Twitter Clones

With Twitter’s future in question, don’t be surprised if you see more Twitter copycats appear to capitalize on users that are abandoning the platform.

More Subscriptions

From Snapchat Plus to YouTube Premium to the newly relaunched Twitter Blue, social media subscriptions are sure to continue this year as platforms seek to increase their revenue and provide exclusive features to loyal users. Would you buy a subscription for your favorite social media app if it meant less ads, a verification badge and more analytical features?


Virtual lookalikes like Snapchat Bitmojis and Facebook Avatars have exploded in popularity over the years and become a way for users to express themselves in their own personal way. The presence of avatars is sure to grow in 2023 as new platforms seek to create their own customizable digital identities.

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at Jan 10, 2023

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