What is the Purpose that Drives PR?

Public relations encompasses a variety of strategies and serves many functions that support both the client and the media. On the client side, functions of public relations include increasing brand awareness and building trust between your organization and the public. On the media side, PR professionals work with media members to provide engaging and newsworthy content.

Seen in this way, public relations practitioners serve as the connector. In this position, we have a responsibility to connect with both our clients and the media to develop a mutually beneficial relationship. But public relations can mean more than securing coverage for clients and being in touch with key media members. We also carry a certain level of responsibility to foster and maintain a positive and well-connected community.

Community relations is an opportunity for companies to show support for the communities they serve and operate in. With the commitment to giving back as one of your goals, a public relations plan can strengthen the brand and build positive public sentiment.

Purpose-driven communication for organizations emphasizes commitment to making an impact. While the purpose of public relations is to add value to a brand, it can also build a sense of community when long-term goals are considered.

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at Aug 23, 2023

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