What is PR4.0?

While reading a recent interview with PRGN President Andy See of Perspective Strategies, I was interested in his usage of the term ‘PR4.0.’ In the interview, See explains that the age of PR4.0 has officially arrived and is not only marked by a shift to digital and social platforms, but a shift that focuses on earning trust with audiences and stakeholders by acting with purpose.

Purpose-driven communications goes a step further than traditional PR efforts by emphasizing an organization’s commitment to making an impact rather than building brand awareness.

As a part of purpose-driven communications, companies are speaking about their social and environmental efforts, focusing on personalized experiences for customers, launching an increased number of collaborative partnerships and more. Most of all, companies are looking to be more authentic by audience demand.

And it’s not just for consumers and stakeholders, purpose-driven communication has also impacted internal communications as companies seek to build a more inclusive workplace for employees.

While technology continues to evolve in PR4.0 through AI, the Metaverse and more developments, this shift in communication represents a more back to basics approach for PR that prioritizes relationships.

This approach not only engages stakeholders and meets consumer expectations, but also helps companies differentiate themselves in the market and find those who align with their values.

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at Jun 27, 2023

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