What is the 2023 Word of the Year?

Merriam-Webster has crowned an official word of the year for 2023 – “authentic.” According to Merriam-Webster, authentic is defined as not false or imitation and also means true to one’s own personality, spirit, or character.

Authenticity is valued more than ever today, but it isn’t an easy element to pin down and often misunderstood. The high search volume of the word revealed that many consulted the dictionary in 2023 to discover what it means to be authentic.

Whether discussing advances in artificial intelligence this year or the evolution of brand image on social media, authenticity remained at the heart of the conversation. Being authentic in your efforts is now an essential benchmark for brands and public figures in today’s world, serving as a catalyst for success with audiences.

Authenticity is a topic we cover and mentioned quite often on our blog, see here and here, and rightfully so, as it has become a standard in nearly everything we do, especially as it relates to the marketing sphere.

In addition to the word of the year, other words that stood out for their high search volumes this year include: deepfake, coronation, dystopian, implode, indict and X.

As 2023 wraps up, consider how you can shift your business approach through a more authentic lens and break free from predictability in your narratives and content to make a difference in your audience outreach and build loyalty that lasts.

Is your business embracing authenticity in 2024? Find out how HMA can be a part of your journey by contacting us.

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at Nov 29, 2023

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