What is People-First Content?

To better connect Google users with helpful content, the search engine has been rolling out slight changes to their algorithm to amplify people-first content. But what does this mean for businesses and where they appear on the search results page?

People-first content essentially means that what you create is primarily made for humans and not just made to attract a search engine. From your website copy to your latest blog post, your content should answer a few questions in order to make sure it is for the people.

Some of these questions include:

  • Does your content have a primary focus?
  • Does your content have an intended audience?
  • Does your content display knowledge on a specific topic?
  • Will audiences learn something from your content?
  • Will your content satisfy audiences? Will it answer the question they searched?

If you are producing a lot of content on a variety of trending topics that have nothing to do with your business, this could be flagged as content that puts search engines first rather than people. This could also apply if your content follows a particular word count or regularly summarizes other content that isn’t yours.

As Google gears up to change their algorithm, content that is unhelpful and the websites full of it will be less likely to stand out on the Google search results page. A website visitor’s expectations are important and as search engines evolve, this will become more and more vital to achieving the results you want online. By creating people-first content, you and your business will be on the right track.

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at Sep 13, 2022

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