What is E-A-T?

When it comes to your website and standing out on Google Search, it all comes down to three elements that make up E-A-T. Since 2014, Google has used E-A-T to evaluate the quality of websites and ensure that webpages are accurate and useful. In today’s world where misinformation spreads like wildfire, this is Google’s way of combatting false information and making sure searchers receive the quality content they need to answer their questions.

But what are these elements and how do these impact your SEO?


First up is the E, which stands for expertise. This one is quite simple and is in place to make sure that authors are developing content that they have legitimate experience in. Here on our blog, we are typically writing on topics that we have knowledge of or have qualifications to cover. This is why we cover topics in our sphere of work rather than writing blog posts offering medical or legal advice.


Next up is authoritativeness, which is mostly rooted in reputation. When evaluating the authoritativeness of your content, those who are rating your website will look into reviews, expert recommendations, news articles featuring your site and more to establish if your content is credible. This means they will look for sources that you didn’t create yourself but were written by others.


Lastly is trustworthiness. Make sure your content has the accurate author listed, is edited for accuracy and cites fellow trustworthy sources in order to pass this test. This element is all about making sure your readers are safe on your site and that they are getting factual information that they are confident about.

E-A-T is a process that is built over time and by keeping your content accurate, receiving more online reviews, sharing your contact info on your site, not hiding your posts behind countless ads and more, your content will stand out on search pages and provides the results your brand or business are looking for.

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at Dec 13, 2022

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