What is an AMA?

Known as the “front page of the Internet,” the website Reddit has more than 430 million active users today and has introduced their own brand of Q&A interviews that give individuals the chance to share their unique perspectives while increasing awareness of their work as well.

AMAs (an acronym for “Ask Me Anything”) are essentially virtual Q&A sessions that give Reddit users the chance to find out more about a person and ask the burning questions they may have about someone’s life experience, career and more.

Since the first AMA in 2009, past hosts have included a wide range of people and characters from A-list movie stars to politicians to everyday people who have had unique experiences. Some examples include Barack Obama, Jane Gooddall, Chris Pratt, NASA scientists and even the Cookie Monster.

And some recent examples of AMAs that provide a more realistic perspective of life include a National Geographic photographer, a former Domino’s Pizza employee, a true crime podcaster, a snake rescuer, a business psychologist and more.

While you may not think you have much authority or a job as interesting as a rocket scientist, many are interested in the career path you chose for work or an experience you have had, whether it be good or bad. Aside from giving you the power to share your story or insight into what you do, AMAs are also a great way to promote your business and expand into new audiences.

And the good part about an AMA is that it can be translated to almost any other social media platform that allows discussion. If Reddit isn’t really your style, try holding a Q&A on Twitter or taking questions on an Instagram Live instead.

If your brand or business has an interesting figure with a story to tell, news to share or advice to give–consider an AMA to share it with Reddit users and the world.

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at Sep 7, 2022

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