What Do Consumers Expect From Brands Online?

Twitter has recently published a report analyzing 10 years of tweets to give a true insight into what consumers really think of brand behavior and what they expect from the brands they follow on the platform.

As we always say, authenticity is important. According to the report, consumers crave authentic content and brands that provide valuable updates in their tweets. However, consumers have noticed that all brands are starting to sound the same and failing to stand out or appeal to them.

If you are questioning your brand presence and fear you may be just like everyone else, consider changing up your messaging and rethinking your content strategies.

When it comes to Twitter, brand presence is different than other platforms. On Facebook and Instagram, it is harder to have direct conversations with followers like you can on Twitter. With this, seven in 10 surveyed consumers have expressed that “Brand Twitter” is one of the best parts of Twitter.

If you are wanting to expand your reach, try getting more active on Twitter. Though you may not always have the most followers, cultivating even a small following of loyal customers will make all the difference for you and your business.

When deciding what you wish to communicate about on Twitter, it’s a smart idea to discuss what is happening in the world outside of your brand sphere. The Twitter report claims that eight in 10 consumers want brands to change their tone with the times. This means knowing when to be serious, when to be funny and when to speak up.

Need a hand navigating Twitter and reaching consumers? We are here to help you build your brand messaging and bring your social media presence to life.

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at Jan 14, 2022

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