It’s primary day in Arizona.   That means it’s time to vote to determine who will be on the ballot for the general election in November.

We’ve been inundated for months with communications messages in just about every form you can think of, including direct mail, broadcast commercials, print and online ads, special events, letters-to-the-editor, op-ed pieces, newspaper articles, e-mails, robo calls, talk-show appearances, one-one-one conversations, billboards, street signs, bumper stickers and I’m sure I’ve missed something since I voted by mail weeks ago and quit paying attention.

What I haven’t been able to escape, however, is the primary-school level some candidates stoop to in their campaigning.

HMA Public Relations has never been a political agency.  We’ve worked on things that have become political, but have never worked on a campaign for an issue or a candidate.  I think we’re too nice to do it.

Today’s campaign messaging isn’t much about “what I can do for you if elected.” It’s all about how awful the other candidates are.  It’s a barrage of name-calling and non-factual information.  It’s a disrespectful, classless, horrible look presenting an insecure-looking image for those who aspire to be leaders in our community.   It’s made voter fatigue a real thing.

We might get a couple weeks off where “I want to buy your house” and “we’re the best injury lawyers in town” commercials regain their prominence, but when it comes to hearing from candidates, the November election can’t get here soon enough.

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at Aug 2, 2022

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