Tips for Thought Leadership

Part of what we do at HMA and in the PR profession is build credibility and help individuals become thought leaders through media relations, content marketing and more. If you are looking to raise your profile and become a voice for your industry, there are several different ways that your content can help you captivate audiences and become more trusted.

Speak Your Mind

Whether at a notable conference or on a weekly podcast, consistently speaking on industry-related topics and connecting with individuals who are in your field is a great way to build credibility and make important connections.

One example of this is HMA’s Copper State of Mind podcast hosted by Abbie Fink. Created for Arizona’s directors of marketing and communications, the podcast offers evergreen advice, stories and strategies for making your campaigns more effective.

Make Blogging A Priority

By creating and maintaining your own blog and contributing guest posts on other relevant industry channels, you can give yourself a platform to spread your message and brand yourself as a thought leader.

Once you have established your blog, then it’s time to focus on remaining consistent, staying up to date with newsworthy topics and building an audience that is interested in what you have to say. Remember, becoming a leader doesn’t happen overnight.

Be Open to Media

A big part of becoming a credible and recognized leader is through your media relations efforts. While speaking to the media may seem daunting, proper media training will provide you with the tools for success and media interviews will give you the platform to prove that you know your stuff.

PR professionals always looking for media opportunities for our clients, so remember to keep your availability open for the media and recognize the impact that just one story can have on your credibility and business as a whole.

Your expertise is valuable and sharing it with the world can provide big payoffs for you and your business. Contact us to find out how we can help!

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at Oct 4, 2022

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