Media Availability is Essential

Dealing with the media does not have be – and rarely should – be a fight.

How many times have you had a client say they want media coverage – and then disappear on the day the news drop?

It’s a classic sin in the media relations world.  Worse than a punch in the gut.

Being available for the media when opportunities arise has to be a top priority if generating earned media is at the top of your list – right there after media training – when it comes to being a part of the media relations process.

There’s nothing worse than having to tell a reporter that your spokesperson is not available.  It can be so detrimental to current and future media opportunities.

A great example of how to do it right was shown in the first episode of Ken Burns’ documentary, Muhammad Ali, on PBS.

We learn that early in his career, Muhammad Ali, then known as Cassius Clay, told the media, “I’m the best friend reporters have ever had.”  It was the early 1960s.  He went on to become one of the – if not THE – most famous person in the world!

Ali had it all when it came to dealing with the media:  you could count on him to have great quotes; he spoke his mind; he was articulate; he was good looking; he enjoyed the interaction; he understood the importance of the media; and – he was available.

Ali understood the role of media in professional sports just as we advise our clients to know and understand the media that are important to their line of business.


Photo by Joel Muniz on Unsplash

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at Oct 15, 2021

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