#TipForTuesday – Updating Online Presence

If you have been following us for a while, you know that our website has a new look. Changing up the design of your website, or themes on social media is a great way to refresh your online presence.

Updating how your website looks not only changes the way people use your site, but it can also help the page run faster which leads to higher conversions. If it has been a few years since you have updated your website, it may be time to do so. Here are some things to consider when updating your online presence:

  1. Revamp the look

The content of your website may remain relatively the same but the more your move options around on the page, the more options you give users. Changing the size, location, color and even order of the tabs on your website might make it easier and faster for users to get where they are going. For social media profiles, you can add stories and story highlights to your page which act like tabs on a website.

  1. SEO

Updating your website will also improve SEO. Assuming your website and social media are used as a marketing tool, a well-optimized website can bring in higher customer conversion rates by bringing more people to the site, improving the user experience and giving your business more authority than your competitors. Be sure to update the SEO information on each new post to your website.

  1. Use a LinkTree

With the addition of our new website came a few new fun features like our Copper State of Mind Podcast, which now lives on our website. Between explaining our services and what we do, to our daily blog posts and bi-monthly podcast episodes, LinkTree allows us to post multiple URLs in one convenient link.

  1. Let your customers know

If your design is going to take a while to complete, it may be a good idea to let your customers know that you will be taking a break while the site is under construction. If not, new users to the site may not understand why the site is down, thus losing customers. Keeping up with communication with your customers helps build better relationships and if you do run into any bumps along the way, your loyal customers may be kind enough to let you know.

After the update, it will be important to test out any new features, making any additional adjustments that might need to happen once the new site is launched. Although you may encounter a few issues along the way, if done correctly, the end result will make your website run more efficiently and ultimately bring in more customers.


Photo courtesy of HMA Public Relations

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at Apr 27, 2021

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