#TipForTuesday – Taking off the PR Hat

In our regular staff meeting this week, our team got to laughing about how whenever we attend any sort of event – a wedding, baby shower or public event, for example – that event planner in us cannot help but notice things, both small and large, we would have done differently. Not at all to disparage the event or those who planned it, but more because as a PR person, we tend to wear our “PR hat” 24/7/365. And there is A LOT under that hat, as seen here.

So, how does one take off said hat now and then? Here are some tips:

  • Give yourself 3 in 30. Take 30 seconds to name three things you notice you may have done differently and mentally acknowledge them to yourself.
  • Give yourself 3 in 30 again. Take 30 seconds to name three things you would have never thought to have done – fun colors, menu, décor or even a typestyle – and mentally acknowledge them to yourself.
  • Take out your phone. Do not use it to check email. Instead, call friends or colleagues over for a photo together to remember the occasion and time together versus tactical bits of the event itself.
  • Go meet someone new, or re-meet someone if it has been a while. Use the time to build a new relationship or re-establish an old one. Listen and talk; lose yourself in the people, not the small stuff.

Have an event coming up? Let us help you plan it, giving you all the time in the world for the above.

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at Mar 29, 2022

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