#TipForTuesday – Becoming a Product of Productivity

As more people are vaccinated, in-person and hybrid events have started to pick up. Whether for a fundraising golf tournament or an academic lecture, more and more, people are more comfortable sliding back into pre-pandemic habits. Yet many of us remain working from home.

After a year of working from home, this has become our normal. Those routines we set in place more than a year ago are no longer new. So what can you do when your productivity at work starts to decline?

PR Daily offers some advice such as performing a self-audit on your behaviors at work. Followed by tips on how to build yourself up, instead of putting yourself down. To that I would add:

  1. Don’t multi-task

When you try to do too many things at once, often times you are leaving more room for error. Even with a set routine, it is easy to re-prioritize your tasks and end up doing them all at the same time. When you focus your concentration on one item on your to-do list, you can get more work done more efficiently.

  1. Work backwards

Once you have a set way of doing a certain type of project, sometimes our brains go on autopilot. If you find yourself making the same mistakes or errors, it’s probably because you haven’t been aware of every step you take. Working backwards can help you find when you are making these mistakes so you can correct them before they happen.

  1. Use blocks for time-management

It can be hard to shift your focus from project to project and client to client. Setting a block of time to check and respond to emails can limit the distractions in your work and allow you to have a clearer understanding and response to those emails. Likewise, set a block for your creativity to flow when writing blogs, bylined articles and news releases.

Implementing these tactics can be the difference between being passive at work and becoming a product of productivity.

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at May 18, 2021

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