Three Tips for Generating Leads on Facebook

With roughly 2.89 billion monthly active users, Facebook offers great opportunities for reaching new audiences and generating leads for your business. If you are interested in developing leads and opening new doors, consider these tips:

Call-To-Action Matters

Whether they are included on your Facebook ads or just on your Facebook business page, call-to-actions empower users to do more than just read your post and can be the perfect segue into potential leads and customers. “Shop Now” and “Sign Up” are just some of the many possible call-to-actions that you can include on your ads, pages or posts.

Depending on your social campaign and its goals, your call-to-action can change – be sure to update it as you see fit.

Add a Facebook Messenger Bot

Establishing a chatbot on your Facebook page can help provide important information to any customers that have a question on the fly. While you shouldn’t be relying fully on chatbots to assist with any customer questions, in many instances, they will be helpful to your possible customers and answer any basic questions a future lead may have.

Create Paid Ads

Facebook offers ads solely designed to create leads for your business, these are aptly titled lead ads. These ads allow your business to target specific audiences and reach who you really want. With just a few taps, your custom lead ads can generate high-quality leads and help your business truly stand out.

While creating leads for your business may seem like a difficult task, simple additions to your Facebook page can yield huge results.

If you are interested in boosting your online presence, we are here to help.

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at Dec 21, 2021

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